My Journey to self-publishing: give some copies away.

The first objective after publishing is REVIEWS. The best way to get reviews is giveaways. You have to make an initial investment and buy a certain number of copies that you will give away. Hopefully some of your friends will read the book and leave you a good review on Amazon, but what you really want is to get reviews from people you don't know.

I gave away a total of 12 copies:

8 for a giveaway on Goodreads. The process is easy: purchase the number of copies you want to give away, set up a date to start the giveaway and to finish it. Goodreads will send you an email with the winners and the addresses to send your books. I sent 8 books and received 4 reviews up to date. You will never know how many reviews you will get but Goodreads is a great community for authors.

4 for my special reviewers (the ones that I mentioned in my previous post, that have a lot of Twitter followers). I got 2 reviews up to date.

You can also set up a giveaway on Amazon, something I didn't do but I've been told it's another good tool to create a buzz for your book.

So be GENEROUS, at least in the beginning.