My Journey to self-publishing: Business Cards & Get Out

Your best marketing tool is your personality so get out and show it to people. I'm lucky enough to live in San Francisco where you can join events every week so I got ready printing a bunch of business cards with name, title of the book and social media. My book is a memoir of love and travel written on the point of view of a woman that fights for love so I decided to join events of travelers and expat women (being one myself).

I printed 100 business card less than 2 months ago and just finished them. That means joining 1 meet up or 2 meet ups per week and I have to say it worked well for me. I realized that, when people get the chance to know me, they get more interested in my story. A good part of those business cards became sales.

So my tip is GET OUT! Join meet ups related to the main topics of your book. Don't mention your book right away, try to genuinely know the people you meet (you always have something to learn) and and try to keep your business card for last.