My Journey to self-publishing: Social Media

I have to admit I wasn't on Twitter before publishing my book. Instead, I've always enjoyed Facebook because it's a great way to keep in contact with friends far away from you. Whatever your preference, when you publish a book you have to be present on Social Media: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (I also use LinkedIn and Google +). Create a nice blog. I use Wordpress. Hemingway Rewritten is the theme I chose. This is a classic blog theme with a parallax-scrolling header effect and a minimal, elegant design. The large featured header images make this theme more effective (in my opinion). Add the widgets of Social Media and an Amazon button for people that want to purchase your book. Post news about your book and keep people excited about it. Share photos and reviews.

Connect your blog with Social Media. If you use Wordpress is easy. Go to Sharing and add you Social Media profiles. In this way when you post on your blog the content will automatically go on the rest of Social Media.

Facebook is useful to promote your book with your friends or friends of friends but it doesn't give you a lot of new traffic.

Twitter was a total discovery for me and I would like to share with you some basic rules that I've learned in few months using it:

  • Have a nice photo profile and interesting description.
  • Post often (more than once a day). Twitter is based on impressions so if you don't post for a couple of days people are more likely to forget about you.
  • Post interesting content, mainly related to your book but not just that. People want to know who you are as well. You can also post about interesting news related to the topic of your book (always use hashtags no matter what you post).
  • Photos drive more traffic.
  • Include the link to your blog in your post (not always), people are more likely to click on it. Even one click per day in the longterm can make the difference.
  • Engage with people, favorite and retweet.
  • If you find a profile that you particularly like and engage with you, start to follow his/her followers (the ones that engage more). You have more chances that those people will follow you back.
  • Join conversations about the topics of your books. I discovered more than one related to travel.
  • Follow back. I always follow back. My exceptions: people that want to sell followers, people that don't have a clear description of who they are, people with content that I'm not interested in.