My Journey to self-publishing: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a great, easy, free tool to build a Newsletter for your readers. I thought about doing a promotion for my book (every now and then it's good to offer a lower price for a couple of days and boost your title on social media) and I wanted to send an email to all my friends. The majority of them are on Facebook and I didn't have all the emails so I looked for a way to export their email addresses. I found a tutorial on Youtube that explains how to do it from Yahoo. I didn't have a Yahoo account so I created one and followed all the steps. In a couple of minutes I could get all the emails (with the exception of people that kept the information private).

I created a nice Campaign through Mailchimp and sent it out. Hopefully if you send an email to your friends they won't subscribe from the service (but in that case Mailchimp offers the option to unsubscribe). It's a good way to reach out and ask your friends to spread the word with their friends).

Hopefully the more you go out to events the more you can add new emails to your Newsletter. Make sure you send out Campaigns just for special occasions (promotions, sale milestones, events invitations). It's important to keep the interest of people alive but also make sure you don't annoy them with too many emails.