Kindle Unlimited and Social Media Promo

Since I've published at the end of January 2015 I have been working on collecting reviews and give visibility to my book through social media. I know that many authors use Kindle Unlimited as soon as they publish to get reviews, instead, I decided to follow a different path. I collected a certain number of reviews (more than 30 ideal) before doing a Free Kindle Promotion through Kindle Unlimited. This is a special program offered by Kindle that allows authors to give away their book for a couple of days or create countdown deals.

I used a nice photo of the book showing the number of reviews and pumped the promotion on social media using FB and Twitter Ads. I invested $15 for each one of them for 3 days. I think it's a good investment overall because it's not expensive and helps visibility.

The result of my promotion was great, I was very satisfied. 800 copies were downloaded during the 3 days and 2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours reached N.3 on Amazon in the category non-fiction free travel books. Now I really hope to collect more reviews and hopefully a good word of mouth.

If you downloaded the book please remember to review it. Thank you.