First Time Camping - Yosemite in October

Yosemite is a must see when you visit California. It's the reason why National Parks exist in the US thanks to John Muir, a Scottish naturalist, and preservationist. He fell in love with this magical place and decided it had to be protected. I'm a city girl and I have never thought about camping as an option. My husband loves the close contact with nature and he wanted to take me camping. I was afraid it would be too cold so I wasn't enthusiastic We don't like the crowds and we imagined that summer, being high season, would be too touristy for us. October came and we finally decided to go camping hoping to enjoy some quiet time listening to the sound of nature. I'll tell you what I learned in Yosemite and my highlights of October:

  • Don't camp in the Valley. It's crowded and noisy. We camped further away in an area called Tamarack.
  • Bring warm clothes because the temperature at night is very cold. You will freeze.
  • Don't expect to see waterfalls in October. You will see little hints of water at the top of the rocks.
  • The Valley is impressive, drive through it and stop to take photos of El Capitan and Half Dome. The most incredible view is called Tunnel View Point. It's like a perfect painting, a true masterpiece signed by the power of nature.
  • If you are looking for an off the beaten trail explore Tuolumne Meadows which is also part of the Pacific Crest Trail, that crosses the US ending at the border with Mexico.
  • My top on the list of things to see is Antalya Lake. Unfortunately, the lake is by the road but you can still walk along the shore and find a quiet spot. I have never seen a water so limpid and inviting. The color changes from light blue to blue, to emerald until dark blue. It's the perfect spot for meditation. I had a cold when I arrived in the Park and just breathing that pure air was enough to recover. That's the magical power of nature.
TravelChiara Townley