Interview with a Local Italian Online Magazine About the Documentary "One Foot In"

English translation of the interview Enrica did for a local on line magazine in Italy: Making the American Dream come true. What a struggle! Original article: Che fatica arrivare in America! How hard is to get to the United States for a woman? Enrica and Chiara had never thought about this question before. It didn't take long to realize how hard it can be to make the American dream come true. This is why they decided to work on an ambitious project to tell the difficulties women have to face. But let's start from the beginning of the story.

Enrica Cavalli is a video maker from Sardinia. She studied Cinematography in Venice and she did a master in video editing in Rome. After going back to Venice she decided to quit her job in order to follow her partner in San Francisco where he has been working for a couple of years. Like all the people that want to go to the USA she had to request a tourist visa that has a maximum duration of 3 months. The tourist visa doesn't allow you to work so it's impossible to plan an American future. The only hope is to find a sponsor, that means an employer willing to request and pay for your hiring process or getting married. During this American vacation, while Enrica was looking for inspiration for her work as video maker she met Chiara B. Townley, Italian married to an American. Chiara had already told the struggles she went through in order to make her American dream come true in a book she self-published this year on Amazon (2 years 4 months 2 hours). When they met she still felt the urge to talk about these issues, knowing that a lot of women were going through the same difficulties. During one of these conversations the idea of the documentary came out.

The bureaucratic process to stay in the USA is not different for men so why the decision to focus on women? Do they face more difficulties? "We started to think about Chiara's experience. Clearly she wasn't forced to get married but she definitely felt it was the only way to be close to the person she loves" Enrica tells us. "We realized that women, compared to men, are more willing to compromise. And more than that when we analyze the percentage of expat women the number is lower compared to men. It would be interesting to dig more and find out why. We would like to try, telling beautiful inspiring stories".

Chiara and Enrica already interviewed 15 girls coming from different countries. Some of them made their dreams come true in the States, others are still fighting. They are simple and humble women that decided to share their personal struggles to inspire and encourage each other. Enrica is ready to go back and the documentary will be completed as soon as possible hoping the American bureaucracy won't be too much of an obstacle. "We would like to contribute to drive the attention of the public towards this very important and delicate topic: maybe lawmakers should consider a change" Enrica tells us.