CONTEST + My first time on a Podcast

Hello awesome people! I'm writing to announce the release of my episode on the podcast The Mindsoak Project by @JonFilitti (special thanks to my dear friend Keane Li for connecting me with him). The Podcast is about interesting people doing interesting things. Jon interviewed me regarding my book 2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours and my work as an author. You can easily download the podcast on iTunes (it's FREE and it has more than 10 episodes to enjoy). It was a unique and very emotional experience, as Jon likes exploring the life of people he interviews. He does it with respect and a gentle touch. Hope you enjoy my episode and the podcast in general. 


I also would like to announce a special CONTEST. As my book is going really well on Amazon and it has more than 50 - 5 stars reviews I would like to ask your collaboration to help me get to 100. I know that many people have read the book, liked it, but haven't written a review yet. I thought that a contest could be the perfect idea to get more reviews. on March 31st I will draw a name between all the people who reviewed my book from its release (I would like to clarify that I'm talking about an honest review) and I will send a $50 Amazon card to the winner. If you didn't read the book, maybe it's a good moment to do it, and if you did, it's a good moment to review it! What are you waiting for? Spread the word!

When you're done with your review send me an email so I'm sure I have your contact. Feel free to share with your friends as well:

If you live outside the US please remember to review the book on

Thank you all for your support!