Quitting Your Job To Travel

My husband and I have always had the travel bug. When we started to get to know each other we connected by talking about our travel dreams and sharing our experiences around the world. We have always seen money as a tool to give us the chance to see the world. That’s why it was easy for us to make the decision of using our savings for a round the world trip. It took a couple of years to save the money, but it’s not hard to achieve this goal if travel is a priority for both you and your partner. When we tell people about our trip, they are amazed. The first question is always: did you quit your job? Yes, we did.  The majority of people are scared of leaving their financial security. I personally love taking risks in life, mainly because the idea of having regrets has always scared me. The most successful people you read about in magazines have taken big risks and they have paid off with time and resilience.

If you take a risk, and it ends up being a mistake, you can learn from the experience and you can grow stronger. If you don’t even try to take that path you will wonder for the rest of your life how things would be if you had explored that road behind the hills. Society tells us that we need to study, find a job and have a family. We are surrounded by these common rules that, like hills, prevent us from seeing new and unexplored landscapes. Travel, for me, is the freedom to choose a different path beyond the hills. It’s a way to go back to that primordial emotion of wandering the earth and discovering a new continent.

Unfortunately, nowadays, there are few undiscovered spots on our planet. But, I believe that you can still go back to that excitement and emotion every time you explore a place you have never seen before.

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