We are Dot in the Universe


Carl Sagan wrote the most beautiful and moving description of earth and humanity. If you haven't read it please do: Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan I wish everybody could understand the non sense of violence and wars just reading these words. Like a serendipitous moment that could erase all the bad things in the world. I'm a very empathic person, maybe too much. To the point that I can't watch movies that are too violent or show cruelty because they make me think about what happens in reality. Yes, that's me. A proud extremist. I believe in a world without violence and borders, where we are all free to move, we all respect each other and we understand our spot in the Universe. Why don't we stand together and look at the wonderful sky full of stars and invest time understanding more of the meaning of life instead of making wars and hate each other? I really don't get it. Sorry I don't.

One day I heard a quote that I try to repeat to myself often: "You can't carry the burden of the world on your shoulders"

Sometimes I do. I feel sad for the tragedies that I hear about in the news. I can feel sad for an entire day. I don't understand what violence can solve and I don't understand why people use it. I thought about a couple of ways people can fight violence:

  1. Education - It is the most important way to teach love. Some people are not lucky enough to have a family that gives them a good example. Let's invest money in education free for all. I would be happy to pay more taxes for that.
  2. Look up (like Neil DeGrasse Tyson always says) - I do it often. I look at the sky. It reminds of how small we are compared to the Universe.
  3. Watch more educational TV - It's ok to watch TV as a from of entertainment. We all need to switch off our brain after a tough day at work. But remember to watch TV to learn something you don't know every now and then.
  4. Find more ways to get inspired. Go out. Talk to people. Connect.