The Trailer of ONE FOOT IN is Live!

Hello readers, I will take a quick break from the travel updates from my RTW trip to concentrate on the campaign for the documentary: "One Foot In"


This documentary is related to travel, and in specific to relocation. It aims to raise awareness of the challenges expat women face when building a life in the US.

We are giving a voice to women who want to share their stories and the impact that immigration laws have in their lives.

Did you know that more than 70% of H1B visas go to men? The laws are for both men and women but the latter pays a higher price. In this documentary we will explain to you why.

We asked subject experts for their opinions and we asked expat women to tell us their inspiring stories of resilience.

We want to shed a light on the side effects of the broken immigration system and hidden gender bias behind the immigration laws.

We need your help to complete this documentary and create a social impact.

What inspired us:

I am Chiara Townley and I am originally from Italy. I wrote my first book, called "2 years 4 months 2 hours", because I wanted to share the love story that brought me to the United States. After I was reunited with my love, I found another big obstacle: I was hindered by the Immigration Laws.

As soon as I had one foot in the United States I started to constantly hear so many inspiring and challenging stories from expat women.

These stories deeply touched me and inspired me to make a documentary so these voices could be heard.

Enrica Cavalli, an experienced video producer from Italy, was also very touched by these stories and joined me in the adventure of creating this documentary to make these voices be heard.

Join the conversation: Help us completing this documentary and making a call for change #women1footIN

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