Everyone Should Fight for a Cause


I do believe that FREEDOM is the most important human right. The first time I had to deal with the U.S border, as a girlfriend of an American, I realized that my love feeling was seen as a potential threat for the country. You can find the description of the episode in my first book "2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours." The short recap is that, being in love with an American, made me a potential "criminal" willing to stay in the country illegally. I will never forget the treatment I received. The U.S. immigration laws impacted my personal freedom and my relationship. Even after I got married, I didn't feel welcome. My husband and I had to get a lawyer to help us with the tough Green Card process and we had to appear in front of a judge with the power to decide our future. I'm aware that scam marriages are a dirty business in the U.S., but if the U.S had a better immigration system, scam marriages wouldn't be an issue. The only thing I know is that I do NOT want to pay the price of the broken immigration system—but I did. For years I had the sensation that I was temporary—I always had just foot in the country.

"One Foot In" is the documentary I have been working on, in collaboration with filmmaker Enrica Cavalli. The idea came from the stories of expat women that I met during the years I spent in San Francisco. Many of them followed their partner who was working or studying, but they weren't allowed to work. I started see a gender bias in the immigration laws.

I researched more info and found out that more of 70% of the H1B go to men, and as a consequence, the majority of partners are women. That idea took me the conclusion that the gender bias in the immigration laws is present in different situations, that are tied to each other. Dependent wives, female students, foreign mothers of American citizens and expat women entrepreneurs were all part of the same issue: immigrant women are NOT considered in the U.S. immigration policy.

For the first time after publishing my first book, I considered the idea of writing a second one about the gender bias behind the US immigration laws. When I met Enrica Cavalli, filmmaker, she told me that the topic was interesting and she offered to help me raise awareness with a documentary.

What is the cause you want to fight for?