Melbourne and The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is the perfect day trip that you do during your stay in Melbourne. Melbourne is clean, walkable and has a lot of green areas where you will easily find locals jogging and enjoying some fresh air. The city offers many free attractions and services.

We enjoyed our free visit to the Botanical Garden and to the National Gallery of Victoria (there is a fee to pay just if you want to see the temporary exhibition). Wi-fi is usually not included in your hotel stay but you can enjoy free wi-fi in the library. A couple of tram lines are free of charge, the main one that touches many points of interest is the City Circle Tram.

In my opinion, the city lacks in aesthetics. There is no iconic building or skyline, but there are plenty of places to hang out between libraries, cafes, and restaurants. We liked strolling around Fitzroy. It’s an interesting neighborhood hippie style with a cool vibe.

From Melbourne, we took a day trip to the Twelve Apostles. Renting a car is expensive in Australia ($70-$100 per day). If you drop it in a different location it can get even more expensive because you have to pay the distance between the two different locations. We chose Redspot because it had good reviews. Make sure you take some time to choose the option with the best value.

Twelve Apostles is a touristy spot but worth your time. Don’t expect to see twelve, some were eroded. New apostles are forming, though, and the landscape is constantly changing.



It takes three hours via M1 going south. Connect to A1 then C163 - C164 to Port Campbell. Proceed to the east along the coast on B100 (Great Ocean Road).

Points of interest along the way: Loch Ard Gorge The Razorback


On the way back from the Twelve Apostles, if you want to take Great Ocean Road it will take double the time it took on the way there. The fastest way is reconnecting to A1. We got lost and ended up on C155-C159, a road in the middle of the Great Otway National Park surrounded by the wild lush landscape with ferns, eucalyptus, and gullies. We were the only car on the road and after all the tourists it was nice to get away. I recommend this detour if you like exploring natural sceneries off the beaten path. Then you can connect to the Great Ocean Road via C119. The return trip took six hours. Make sure you have plenty of gas.

TravelChiara Townley