A New Year of Reinvention and Discipline

My January essay for The Mindsoak Project The beginning of the new year doesn't have a special meaning for me because I've changed my life many times in different moments. I've closed and opened more than doors, I've left home and moved to different cities and countries. January has always been a quiet month, though. When it's cold I get a bit lethargic and look forward to new exciting things coming like messenger birds, with the warm air in spring.

I just came back to the U.S. after six months on the road and there are a lot of things to think about. My husband and I have to find a new home and and new jobs. I can't sleep in my winter hole this time. There are many things we don't know yet, but I had to decide how to face them. What is the best way to start a new life from scratch without panicking? I decided I would embrace two words this year: REINVENTION and DISCIPLINE.

I quit my career in the hospitality industry after more than ten years, because it doesn't fit me anymore. Now I have to reinvent myself. When I was younger I would embrace every opportunity to turn my life upside down. In my 30s and with a partner I have to do a reality check and evaluate the impact of my decisions.

I have to embrace reinvention to follow my heart and my new calling, but I will embrace a slow form of reinvention that blends into discipline. I'm a free spirit and I have never liked the word discipline, but I know that when I have too many things to think about I get anxious. For this reason, I thought that the best way to start this new chapter is breaking the day into different hours to dedicate to different things.

I will dedicate a couple of hours to look for a new job, a couple to keep on writing books and so on. I hope this approach will grant me the balance I sometimes struggle to find and carve a path for a more mature reinvention.

I also hope this approach can inspire all the free spirits out there who struggle with balancing their desires with the demanding reality.