Car Rental in Australia and New Zealand for $1 a day

Car rental in Australia and New Zealand can cause you a headache if you don't think outside of the box. We were in Melbourne planning the next phase of our trip in Australia. After a long discussion about our options for transportation, nothing seemed to match our budget. We discovered that, if you rent a car and drop it in a different location, an additional fee will be charged. For example, the price to rent a car in Cairns, and drop it in Brisbane during high season (December to February) is around $100 per day plus insurance, but for the opposite route, there is an additional relocation fee of around $300.

Both options were expensive, but the last one would really hit our budget. We had already booked our flight to New Zealand from Cairns so we had to find a cheaper way to travel from Brisbane to Cairns. The Greyhound bus company offers hop on - off services, but the price is around $200 per person for our chosen itinerary. We were stuck with a tight schedule and a light wallet.

Then, we found a rental relocation for $1 per day with Jucy. A rental relocation is a deal that car rental companies offer to return a vehicle for them to a designated location during a specific time frame. If your plans match the request, you'll end up paying a next to nothing price for the trip: $1 per day, no relocation fee and a free tank of gas. The only additional cost would be the insurance if you want it. Your daily cost, in that case, would be less than $50.


In New Zealand, we wanted to rent an RV for two reasons: first, lodging and restaurants are both expensive, and second, we thought it was the best way to enjoy the natural landscape. An RV in New Zealand can cost more than $200 per day during high season (December to February). We found a great relocation deal for the itinerary Christchurch to Auckland with Wilderness Motorhomes. The price was $25 per day plus $50 insurance. They also paid for the ferry crossing from the South Island to the North Island covering $50 for the driver (we had to pay one of the two tickets) plus the expensive passage for a medium size RV which is around $200. We enjoyed our time camping because the RV had all the comforts you could wish for (bed, toilet, shower, kitchen). All of these elements blended perfectly thanks to a stylish and functional german design. I don't know how a deal can be better than this one: we got luxury treatment without paying for it.


These car rental deals are just examples based on specific routes and time of the year, but they give you an idea of the tricky situation that you can encounter while on the road and how to exercise your problem-solving skills to find unexpected money saving solutions.

Rental relocations are a great way to save money but also to get an upgrade and enjoy services that you couldn’t afford as a budget traveler. You can find rental relocation offers in the deals section of car rental suppliers.