Freedom Summit

What is the most important value that makes us human? I have no doubt: FREEDOM. We all have to accept compromises in life, but we ALWAYS have the freedom of choice. When we say that we can’t do something, what we really mean is that we choose not to do it. No one forces us to go to work. Society teaches us that, in order to have a good life, we have to study, find a job and get married. But we have the freedom to choose a totally different life. There are people that wake up every day to take care of elephants in a sanctuary in Thailand. This is life for them. This is the choice they have made.

The concept of freedom is starting to carve its way in the professional part of our life. Years ago, we thought that the only way to work was to find a job and commute to the office. Today, the digital world created a new kind of professional role: the digital nomad. People like Estela, put freedom first and want to inspire others to do the same.

Estela was born in Budapest, but she left when she was 18 years old to study in the United States. She has always wanted to see the world and live in different countries. After attending high school in the U.S., she went to the University in London, then she lived in France, and backpacked South Central America and Southern Europe. After completing her studies, she worked for organizations supporting sustainability projects in Mexico, Peru, Spain, and Portugal. She started to work freelance as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. Freedom and flexibility have always been the core values behind her choices, but she was also starting to feel the urge to create a positive impact in the world.

In 2016 she went back to Budapest to spend time with her family. Her friends were interested in her lifestyle and kept on asking her how she had built her freelance business. The curiosity grew and she was invited to speak about her digital nomad experience at events in the city. That’s the moment when Estela realized that people needed to hear that there were others in the world like her who had chosen the same lifestyle. Her experience alone wasn’t enough to create an impact and change the mindset of people. That’s how FREEDOM SUMMIT was born.


Freedom Summit is a weekend long virtual gathering. It’s going to take place on April 1st and 2nd with worldwide access. You can learn how global entrepreneurs have changed their life and connect with like-minded people and influencers to build your personal network.

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