Why We Need Challenges


I have always loved challenges. When I was younger, I used to like guys who were mysterious and problematic—I knew I risked a heartbreak, but I enjoyed the idea of choosing a difficult prey. I hated tests and the challenges imposed by others, but I loved picking my battles—it made me feel powerful and inspired.

Growing up, I kept on challenging myself—and not just in love related matters. After attending University in Italy, I moved to London and worked hard to build my life there. Finding a job wasn’t easy, and there were many new things to learn, from culture to currency. I was a little bit scared in the beginning, but the appeal of a new exciting chapter in London kept me motivated.

I have lived my life in four countries to date. After London, there was Spain, and after that the United States. I ended up marrying an American guy and went through the hard immigration process. I also changed the course of my professional life; I abandoned my career in the travel industry and switched to writing—all these things were challenging.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many battles I won, and how many I lost—what matters is that every single challenge helped me in a different way. There are four reasons why it’s essential to challenge ourselves:

  • Entertainment

This is probably not the most important one, but I think that life would be incredibly dull without challenges. Human beings are not meant to live an easy life because it’s not our nature—pain is part of the game. Challenges bring tears sometimes, but ultimately they keep us entertained. If there is a happy ending, they are better than any movies we will ever watch.

  • Resilience

As we can’t avoid pain, challenges help us build the shield that protects us during hard times. Hopefully, we were able to collect some wins during the years, and those accomplishments are there to remind us that we can overcome difficulties.

  • Creativity

Sometimes the path between us and the goal we choose can be particularly daunting because we are missing many of the tools needed to achieve what we want, or maybe we are chasing a big dream. In these cases, we need to get creative and find different paths, strategies, ideas. Challenges stimulate our creativity and develop it in unexpected ways.

  • Growth

Challenges are great teachers because each new battle gives us a piece of knowledge that we will be able to use in the future to solve other issues and help others. Every one of us has learned precious life lessons—everybody has something to teach us, and we have something to show them. We have different stories, backgrounds, and perspectives—but we share this existence, which, in its essence, is the same for everyone.