Why I Believe in Magic

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My first encounter with magic happened when I was in my early 20s—I never looked for esoteric experiences—they came to me.

The girlfriend of my cousin at the time knew a woman that read Tarots. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was curious; I decided to give it a try because the guy I liked was sending me mixed signals. I don’t remember what the Tarots said, but I fell in love with the ritual and mystery behind it—the symbols and the of idea spiritual guidance fascinated me. I paid $10 for every reading, and it seemed to me a fair deal; I went back to visit the Tarot reader a couple of times, then I lost interest in the guy—and in the Tarots as well.

After that experience, for years I didn’t think about Tarots. In my late 20s, I moved to Tenerife to study Spanish, but things weren’t going well. I couldn’t find a job, my ex-boyfriend was dating another woman, and I was having issues with my roommate. The idea of consulting Tarots didn’t cross my mind—but they came to me again. I met a woman one night in the cafe where I used to spend most of the time nurturing my desperation—she sensed my sadness and came close to me. We became friends, and she offered to read Tarots—I knew I needed answers, so I went with the flow. Sofi helped me figure out what was going on on the other side of the ocean where my ex-boyfriend was dating and gave me hope for the future.

Fast forward a couple of years, I moved to the United States, where I married the same guy that occupied my mind when Sofi read the Tarots. When I tell this story to skeptical people, I want to make sure they know that Sofi is like a sister to me and she never took advantage of me or my money. I paid a symbolic amount, one penny, as a form of respect for the spiritual knowledge that was granted to me through the Tarots. Many of the things that the Tarots told me revealed profound truths about myself and the situation I was living.

If you are religious, you probably see esoteric experiences as negative experiences. If you are atheist, you probably don’t believe in a spiritual dimension. I am not religious, and I am not atheist—I do believe in that the Universe has spiritual power and Tarots are one of the ways to connect with this mysterious force.

I started to believe in magic (or a spiritual level, if you prefer) when I read the book The Secret, which explains how the Universe listens to our thoughts and delivers what our mind is focused on. When I started to use the techniques described in the book to attract the things I wanted to my life, the strategy worked. I noticed how the Law of Attraction is present all around us—if we pay attention. Once I found the path to connect with the Universe, I realized that the connection was available at all times—I just had to nurture it.

The Law of Attraction, Tarots, visualization, lucid dreaming, and also meditation, are all different channels to tap into a spiritual dimension—all of them have something to teach us. If you have tried any of these things, you have felt a connection with the Universe. If you haven’t tried any of these things, I encourage you to read about it and stay open. The wisdom of the Universe is always available, and it’s abundant—we just have to nurture this special connection.