Magic and Science Have One Thing in Common

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Most people would argue that Magic and Science have nothing in common because one is based on beliefs that can’t be proved rationally, and the other is based on meticulous research and calculations—I do believe in both.

I believe that the Universe has a mysterious force deeply connected to our spirits—it listens to our thoughts and delivers what our mind is focused on. Based on these premises, It’s also easy for me to think that stars and planets influence our personality—yes, I also like Astrology. My husband makes fun of me because he sees a contradiction between my passion for Astronomy and my interest in Astrology. While we were watching Black Hole Apocalypse on NOVA, I said: “I want our future child to be an astronomer, so he/she can tell us about the last discoveries.” My husband replied laughing: “Are you ready to give up Astrology?” I’m not. To be clear, I don’t believe that the movement of stars and planets can predict how your week will be, but I think that people who were born under the same star signs have things in common. If our child becomes an astronomer, I will make sure he/she gets to know Magic too.

In the end, do scientists understand everything about the Universe? No. They know a lot about stars and planets, but their knowledge is limited to the area of the Cosmos that we can reach with telescopes and space probes—the rest is unknown. Scientists proved that there was a big explosion at the beginning of the Universe, but they don’t know what caused it. They discovered dark matter and dark energy, but they don’t know what they are. Every one of us is free to believe anything about things that haven’t been discovered yet—it can be related to magic, religion, or spirituality.

Is there a God, or a magician behind the curtains? Who knows? The point is that both Magic and Science trigger our sense of WONDER—and that’s why I love them both. If one day, scientists discover where we come from and all the mysteries of the Universe, I will bow to their wisdom and abandon Magic, but until that moment, I choose to nurture both.

I love books about extreme theories because I like discovering new things about the Universe, but also because I enjoy knowing where Science stops and I can start to wonder and create possible worlds in my mind. What’s inside a black hole? We’ll never know until we explore it, something impossible because scientists say that we would die instantly if we tried to get into one of those galactic monsters. That’s when Magic starts to tease my fantasy, and I think about what we could find there in the deep darkness that we don’t understand and can just observe from far away.

Life would be empty without wonder. You can choose your way to nurture it; you can become scientists, a yogi, a medium, or simply someone curious and open to discoveries. Regardless of your path, just make sure you never lose your sense of wonder.

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