Never Take Love for Granted

Photo by  Roman Kraft  on  Unsplash

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Love is one of the biggest presents we can receive in life. Our parents teach us love—if we didn’t perceive it in our family, growing up, we probably wouldn’t be the same people we are today. The first years of our life are crucial because they shape an essential part of who we are—from there, we start to build our character. If traumas happen during these years (neglecting, abuse), we will probably have to deal with the consequences also as adults.

If we experienced a safe and loving environment during our childhood, we tend to have a positive perception of the world. We can’t avoid disappointments, but we have a safe spot to vent and feel understood. In our childhood and adolescence, we probably didn’t think about the possibility that other kids might not have the same loving environment surrounding them.

As adults, we start to understand that people come from different backgrounds and family situations (divorced parents, abusive environment), but somehow, most of us still take love for granted. Isn’t this disrespectful to people who didn’t receive love? Think about it. We make an effort to save water and not throwing away food also as a form of respect for people who live in poverty—we should behave in the same way when it’s about love.

It’s great to feel that the people we love will always be there for us, but it’s wrong to do nothing to appreciate and nurture the love that surrounds us—time is not supposed to strengthen relationships, our commitment makes the difference.

We can also lose the people we love because of external factors that we can predict. There is also nothing we can do against the passage of time—our parents will be the first to leave us. You don’t have to think about the death of people you love, or call that friend who lives on the other side of the world every day—you just have to remember to be thankful for the love you have and stay present. There is no way to predict what will happen in life, but mindfulness can help you stay committed to showing your love.

Tonight, before going to bed:

  • Take a minute to reflect on the abundance of love in your life.

  • Commit to saying “I love you” more often.

  • Go the extra mile when you can, with little gestures.

  • Remember that not everybody is as lucky as you are.

  • Send some love vibes in the world.

Love needs to be appreciated and nurtured—if you do that, it will always stay with you.