Choose To Be Vulnerable

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When we are vulnerable, we are exposed to judgment, and for this reason, many people prefer to hide their feelings. When we are criticized, we feel lonely, isolated, and in some cases, these feelings can cause anxiety and depression.

In movies and books, we love vulnerable characters—the more emotions they express, the more involved we are into their character. We might not always agree with them, but we admire their courage. Vulnerability is a quality we all want deep inside, but for many, it’s hard to bring this desire to the surface. We are afraid that we won’t be understood and will get hurt.

The problem is that when we choose to hide our feelings and emotions, they stay with us. We all need at least ONE person in our life who can see our true self. If we wear a mask in all our relationships, we will feel suffocated, and we might turn into addictions to find an outlet.

Our emotional health starts from the conscious choice of being vulnerable and face the consequences of this decision without fear. There will always be people who judge you, even if you don’t show your emotions—they will criticize you for your clothes, your attitude, and other superficial things. When I decided to publish my memoir, I knew that I would be exposed to judgment, but for me, it was more important to show that vulnerability pays off despite all the difficulties.

So, what are the benefits of being vulnerable?

Emotional & Physical Health

Being vulnerable has risks, not everybody will understand you or agree with you—but it enables your feelings to come out instead of creating stress that will impact one or more parts of your body. Talking about your feelings is like breathing out—it’s a vital release, and it’s essential for your emotional and physical health.

Deeper Connection

In most cases, when you tell someone how you feel, the other person will appreciate the gesture and will be more likely to open up to you too. This exchange will create the space for a deeper connection to develop and will help the relationship to grow. Expressing your emotions is an essential part of a romantic relationship because it creates a bridge to solve conflicts.

Relationships’ Selection

Being vulnerable might expose you to judgment and confrontations, but in the long-term, you will create a strong circle of people who love you for who you are. If you never show your emotions, you will never know what people really think about you. If you express your feelings, instead, you will be able to see clearly who loves you and will be there for you no matter what.

Long-Term Success

Being emotionally healthy and connecting deeply with the people you love, prepare the ground for long-term success—even in your professional life. Although it is not always possible to express how you feel in the workplace, the habit of doing outside will make you feel more in touch with your career desires, and you will discover your calling sooner or later.