5 Ways To Get Unstuck

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Some days it seems that the world stopped and nothing is happening in your life—whatever you do feels boring and repetitive. You know it’s your perception, but that doesn’t prevent you from entering into a negative circle—we have all been there. The first thing to remember is that the feeling of being stuck is temporary, like when it rains, and you know it can’t rain forever.

When you are in a negative circle, it’s not easy to change the narrative inside your mind. The brain needs to be trained like the muscles in your body—the more you work to break the negative circle, the more your brain will be prepared next time you feel stuck—with time and practice, your mind will get the resources to make you feel good even when life is challenging. It’s essential to start to train your brain as soon as possible because it takes time to change patterns.

Big picture

When you feel stuck, you lose sight of your life as a whole. Think about all the amazing things that happened in your life and focus on the road you have walked to get to this moment—especially the battles you won.


When you are in a negative mood, it’s easy to forget what you have. As humans, we tend to focus our attention on what we don’t have, and this habit can make us feel worse when we are already stuck. Remember what you have and be thankful for everything—even for things you tend to take for granted: a house, food, the people who love you.


Being active is the opposite of feeling stuck. Whatever you like doing (outside of work), working out, dancing, doing yoga, meditating—do it. Usually, when we exercise, we are able to focus on the moment and let go of thoughts. Once you go back to your thoughts, after your practice, you might gain some perspective and look at things differently.


It’s important to pamper yourself when you feel sad. Eat your favorite dessert, get a massage, buy something new—don’t get too crazy with money, but little treats help. Taking a warm bath before going to bed is a great way to relax and prepare the mind for a fresh start. Take some time for yourself; errands can wait—nurture your body and soul with your favorite treats.

Extra Love

Ask your partner, or a friend to go out for a drink and remember your best moments together. The people who love you will remind you of all the times you succeeded and how much you mean to them—this will fill your soul.