My passion for writing started after self-publishing my first book: 2 Years 4 Months 2 Hours: From Italy to the world. A memoir of love and travel. When I decided to share my story with the world, I thought it was a one-time shot—then something changed and I discovered the writer in me. Living in the United States as an immigrant hasn't been easy and I faced different challenges related to my permanent residency. At events in San Francisco, I met many immigrant women and realized how hard it is for expat women to build a professional life in the United States. My personal experience and the stories I heard pushed me to write again, this time to reveal the hidden gender bias behind the U.S. immigration laws. I'm also working on a novel—but I can't tell you more. Stay tuned!


2 Years 4 months 2 hours

Chiara meets Tyler in London while she’s working in a hotel. For her, it’s love at first sight. She is from Italy and he is American. There is no time for dating because he’s leaving for a trip to South America then back to the United States. What happens next is the journey of a woman that follows her heart against all odds. This true story will push you to fight more for your dreams. And if you gave up on your dreams maybe you will think about getting them back.



The documentary I have been working on with filmmaker Enrica Cavalli, wants to reveal the gender bias of the U.S. immigration laws. We want to foster a change in the immigration policies to give immigrant women more opportunities to develop a career in the United States.