What Makes a Great Life Story

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We watch movies and read books to entertain ourselves, but I bet that many times your favorite characters made you feel bored with your life and you wished you could be one of them. Then, you went back to your everyday life thinking that certain things just happen in fiction or to celebrities. This is true in some cases, but many of our favorite characters and idols are people like us, with the same dreams, fears, and insecurities—we know that but somehow we feel that they are special—and we are not.

If you are happy with your life, good for you—but if you aren’t, and you wish you could write a better life story, remember that everything is possible and you can achieve anything you want. You have probably heard this sentence a thousand times, but I am telling you because I created my own great life story and it turned out to be better than fiction, and then I wrote a book about it. If you want to create your dream life, follow these guidelines:

Follow your heart

The heart always knows what is best for you and if you learn to listen, it will help you make the best choices. Your favorite characters show you raw emotions that shake you to the core, so let your heart take the driving seat—the brain can help with navigation, on the passenger side, once the direction is taken.

Be brave

Whatever you choose, be brave. If you are at a crossroads and one decision seems easier than the other one because it makes you feel more secure, it might not be the right choice. Security and comfort won’t help you create your dream life—but hopefully, those will come later.

Never give up

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail and people tell you that the decision you took is not the right one—never give up. Fairy tales are not likely to happen in real life because people give up too soon—this is the reason why I wanted to publish my story.

Take risks

The happy ending is not guaranteed, but if you are considering taking a risk, it already means that it’s something important for your happiness. Let’s leave out risks that involve big financial losses; those are dangerous and have to be considered carefully. For the rest, if you choose to risk and you don’t get what you want, you will learn a lesson. If you don’t risk, you will probably regret not taking the plunge for the rest of your life.


Traveling opens your mind to new horizons, and in some cases, it can change your life. You might find your dream job on the other side of the world, or meet your better half—it happened to me when I moved to London. Whatever happens during your trip, it will be an adventure, and it will add texture to your life story.

Reinvent yourself

Don’t be afraid to stir your life in a different direction, change job or move to another city/country. Reinventing yourself means opening yourself to different possibilities, and when you do that, new and unexpected things can come to your life.