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Ciao! I was born in Italy, lived in the UK, and Spain, and now I live in Portland, Oregon. After years working in the hospitality industry, I changed career. I discovered my love for writing when I wrote my first book, a memoir of love and travel. At the time, I just wanted to share my story, but later, I realized that writing meant a lot to me.

I studied the craft and started to pitch magazines. My first big opportunity came when Arianna Huffington left the Huffington Post and founded Thrive Global. She replied to my email and invited me to become a contributor. I was lucky enough to be one of the first writers, and some of my pieces have been shared on social media by Arianna herself.

Thanks to this exposure, I was able to land my first clients and develop a career as a freelance writer. Now I am an expert health and wellness content writer and copywriter. I am a regular contributor for Medical News Today and I collaborate with startups. I also write about travel, women’s empowerment, and spirituality.

On this website, you will find a mix of my personal projects and professional accomplishments. As a freelance writer, I love creating content for magazines and companies that want to inspire people and teach them how to live better lives. I am currently editing my first novel, a love story with magical elements.